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These are our landscape materials page. These are the products you can choose from when updating and designing your landscapes.

Amended Topsoil

Topsoil_Planters mix.jpeg

Fill Dirt

Fill Dirt.jpeg

Cascade Mulch/Gorilla Hair

Gorilla Mulch.jpeg

Western Red Cedar

Red Cedar Mulch.jpeg

Small Bark Mix

Small Bark Mix.jpeg

Large Bark Nuggets

Large Bark.jpeg

Colored Mulch - Brown

Brown Mulch.jpeg

Colored Mulch - Red

Red Mulch.jpeg

Colored Mulch - Black


Playground Certified Mulch 

playground mulch.jpeg



3/4" Multi River

3_4 Multi River Rock.webp

1.5 Multi/ Western Tan River

1.5_ western tan.webp

1.5" Marina Blue River

marina grey river.webp

1.5" Mt. Granite

1.5_ Mtn. Granite.jpeg

1.5" Colorado Rose 

1.5_ Colorado Rose Rock.jpeg

2-4 White Cobble

2-4 white cobble.webp

2-4 Beige Cobble

2-4 beige cobble.webp

2-4" Multi Cobble

2-4 multi cobble.webp

4-8" White Cobble

4-8 white cobble.webp

4-8" Beige Cobble

4-8 beige cobble.webp

4-8 Multi Cobble

4-8 multi cobble.webp


Rip Rap.jpeg

Veneer Moss

Veneer Moss rock.jpeg

Flagstone - Colorado Red

Red Flagstone.jpeg

Flagstone - Tan

Tan Flagstone.webp

Flagstone - Gray

Gray Flagstone.webp
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