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On this page you will find over 50 examples of projects and designs that we have installed over the past several years that our clients have fallen in love with since the very beginning. As you browse this gallery take note of ones that speak to you and give you inspiration for what we can do to give you a SHARP design that will surely leave your neighbors speechless and make you feel right at home!

Start the Season off right with a Spring Cleanup!

Spring cleanups are what we start the season off with so you can have a clean and well maintained landscape right at the beginning of the season. 

Pellegrino 1.JPG

Xeriscape is becoming more popular!

More customers have gone xeriscape over the years, which means less maintenance for you but also natural materials that allow the colors of your home and plants to POP!

white cobble 1.jpeg

Less is more sometimes

If a simple design is all you want, a single tree and a few plants is all you need, a little mulch and the rest rock to make it nearly maintenance free.

Split rail fence xeriscape.jpeg


Landscape borders are an easy way to make your new design standout, we use several styles in natural rock to give you the right look.

white cobble outline.jpeg

Raised gardens

This design has always been a favorite for a slightly raised planter bed, it invites the natural tones from the rocks that are dry-stacked  ever so slightly which makes it standout in a shallow front yard.

veneer island.jpeg

Mini Pond dry creek

This enclosed little garden didn't need much other than a few rocks to make the small pond feel like a mini Oasis with native plants that will grow up the trellis'.

fenced in mini pond stream.jpeg

Keep the mulch in place using cobblestone

Cobblestone helps to keep the mulch from washing away along your hardscape paths and sloped walkways

white cobble with bridge.jpeg

Secret Garden 

It doesn't take much to create a secret garden that you can walk through and enjoy colorful plants of your selection along the way.

secret garden 1.jpeg

Curb Appeal

Everyone can use a little curb appeal, even if you have pre-existeing plants that you want to keep, we can move them around to make the design work. again we use the cobblestone here to help bring out the feel of a natural dry creek that runs through the colorful garden like a stream. 

curb appeal sage and hyssop.jpeg

Playground Mulch beds

Safety is always first and we care about the kiddos too! Every jungle gym playhouse should have certified playground mulch to keep their landings softer and safer.

playground mulch.jpeg

White cobblestone

White cobblestone is a great way to add a clean and more modern WOW look to your happy plants and artistic collections of driftwood.

all white cobble.jpeg

English Garden

Some clients still love the English garden look, where countless plants are randomly placed and happily overgrown to give the feel of a native jungle. 

english garden .jpeg

Natural Pathways

*Did you know that some natural pathways have significant meanings behind them? With so many options you can never go wrong with laying flagstone that take you on a little meditation walk around the yard to unknown places to wind down and relax.

natural pathway.HEIC

Secret shading gardens for your annuals

Here you can place a chair or bench and chill while you create and randomly place your annual planter pots in the shade.

secret garden 2.jpeg

Tired of Mowing?... Turn it all to Mulch

Pretty self explanatory, remove the entire lawn and turn it into a giant bed of plants and mulch. Low maintenance and less water!

all mulch.jpeg

Flower Cutting Gardens

If you're a gardener and love to set the table with a cluster of fresh cut blooming flowers then you will LOVE this garden. Tell us your favorite colors and we will incorporate all the right flower selections that will come back bigger and fuller every year! 

tigges design 2.JPG

Vase Fountain

This is just one of our favorite water features that can refill itself using your irrigation system. Rip Rap stones stacked and enclosed with the most beautiful of flowers to give you the ULTIMATE OASIS that you will enjoy for years to come!

fountain 1.jpeg

Simple Native Gardens

This project was quite simple to start out with, taller plants live in the back which will grow to give a grassy hedge while the fragrant plants upfront remain low growers so you don't miss out on the depth of your design as it all cascades down in-between the natural boulders. 

native garden with boulders.jpeg

Protect your plants and trees from DEER!

It seems deer are becoming more immune to plants, flowers and trees that are suppose to be "deer resistant." If you're unsure we will protect them to the best of our ability with chicken wire and caged in barriers to help prevent their hungry appetites from destroying all the money you put into your landscapes.  

deer protection.jpeg

Overgrowth Trimming and Shaping

This service should be done multiple times a season to ensure your home looks clean and satisfyingly trimmed at all times. If your bushes and trees are overgrown, get them trimmed now BEFORE they become a monstrous hassle!

overgrowth trimming.jpeg

Transplanted Gardens

If you love the plants you have currently, Let's keep them! Of course due to transplant shock there is no guarantee they will all be happy in their new home BUT we are extremely careful to protect the lovely flowers and plants you use the most and reuse them any way you wish!

transplanting garden.HEIC

Veneer Moss Rock Borders are a *TOP SELLER!

If you love the natural tones of your home and more native garden designs, you will LOVE what we do with Veneer Moss Rock. Outlining the landscape beds with this beautiful natural stone is the only way to go to accomplish what your looking for! 

veneer border.jpeg

Indulge in color!

WE LOVE COLOR! The more the merrier! Most of what you see here is low maintenance and only requires a trimming once/maybe twice a year. Your neighbors will admire the vibrant blooms as they walk by your welcoming abode.

my house.jpeg

Evening/Moon Gardens

Remember this lovely water feature? Well, you can even enjoy it at night as you open the window and drift off to sleep to the sound of soothing running water. 

*FUN FACT: If you want a beautiful evening garden, select plants with white blooms that will reflect the moonlight and make your gardens nearly GLOW IN THE DARK! 

night garden fountain.HEIC

Commercial Cleanups, Install and Mulching

We offer our services to both residential and commercial businesses.

church cleanup and mulch.jpeg

Multicolored cobblestone

There are several colors in cobblestone to choose from, see how this one compliments the natural tones in the stonework of the home? We do that on purpose to ensure the client knows that we pay attention to detail when recommending a new design.

driveway curb appeal.jpeg


We love new builds as they provide us a blank canvas to start fresh and turn your yard into a simple or masterplan work of art! (see next image)

blank slate.HEIC


If you want to work in phases that is fine too! First we grade, then install soil, irrigation as needed for your future landscape plans, edging, fabric, rock, mulch and finally the FINEST SOD to create your new backyard! 

new backyard.jpg

Not just one tree.... but FIFTY!

If you want privacy, evergreen junipers are the way to go! Some options we have might be slow growers but in time you will have all the privacy you need to get that exclusive backyard feel.

50 trees.jpeg


Flagstone comes in many colors too. Some are limited but wherever you're looking to lead them to, they will surely fit just right.

flagstone path.jpeg

Canna Pretoria, Spikes and annual creations

We have several customers that hire us specifically to create Annual planter creations. Using your own planters or some of ours, we will fill them with vibrant pentunias, salvia, sweet potatoe vine and Canna Pretoria. all you have to do is water and watch them overflow with beautiful flowers! 

canna pretoria annual planter.jpeg

Fast, Reliable and Clean

Our team is devoted to keeping a clean worksite so we can be the most time efficient while providing outstanding communication so you can feel comfortable allowing us to work in your space.

team clean site.jpeg

Retaining walls

Retaining walls are doable HOWEVER project specific as we typically specialize in soft scapes BUT don't be afraid to ask if we offer a specific service or task and we will be 100% honest.

mini retaining walls.jpeg

Gardens for Sloped areas

There are plenty of options when it come to slopes so you can get the most out of your space. Some plants are specifically recommended because they will thrive as they cascade down the hill in whimsical patterns.

whimsical slope garden.jpeg

Tree Islands and Mounds

If you have a lonely tree and want to spruce it up a bit, a slightly elevated mulch bed island will do the trick to add a touch of character to your curb appeal designs.

veneer island.jpeg

Xeriscape Pathways

We have used these 24" x 24" pavers to give a more modern look to some of our designs. Here, its more about creating a no maintenance, simple pathway with minimal drought tolerant plants. 

xeriscape walkway.jpeg

Rip Rap 

These oversized granite boulders have many uses. we love to surround our water features with them as well as create garden bed tiers for your cascading ground covers and low growers.

fountain 2.jpeg

Front yard remove and replace sod

Is your front lawn getting crusty and dried out or taken over by weeds? Before the HOA starts giving you issues call us with an approximate square footage and you will be surprised how quickly we can remove the old stuff and lay out new freshly cut rolls of Kentucky blue grass. 

front yrd sod.jpeg

Backyard Sod too!

It is convenient if we can get our heavy duty machines into the backyard to remove and replace the sod here too. However, there's more than one way to scrape a backyard and lay out the best quality sod in Denver.

back yrd sod.jpg

Corner Lot Designs

Everyday people drive by your corner lot home, give them something to talk about with a showy design that will leave them no choice but to stop and admire your beautiful inspiration.

corner lot curb appeal.jpeg

Always lay weed barrier fabric

We always lay weed barrier fabric to help prevent the pesky weeds from invading your new garden.


... Then mulch

It's amazing what mulch can do to both soften the landscape beds and bring out the POPS of lush interest in your new plants and shrubs. 

*FUN FACT: Did you know mulch helps keep the moisture at the base of the plants so they roots remain moist and happy while also protecting those happy roots from frost damage during Colorado's harsh winters.

after fabric.jpeg

Fall Cleanups

Leaf and Pine needle cleanups are a hassle and can be overwhelming...

leaf and pine needles 1.HEIC

Leaf and Pine needle removal

... So let us clean it up for you!

leaf and pine needle 2.jpeg

Vine/Ivy Removal

Some like it... and some do not care to keep it. In just a matter of hours you will have an entirely different look.

removal 1.jpg

Removal and Mulch Over

With the Vine/Ivy gone you will feel a sense of relief and openness to your new clean space. Now you have room to put something new!

removal to mulch .jpg

BIG Masterplan renovations

This client did all the things for their big backyard and then some more...

big backyard.jpeg

More Veneer Moss Rock

The big boulders where already there, we just add the plants, mulch and the same veneer moss rock that everyone loves and it tied everything together just perfectly!

veneer native garden.HEIC

A little bit of everything

Ornamental trees, evergreens, hydrangeas and hosta actually created an incredible contrast to the darker toned fence and new strip of grass.

grey fence design.HEIC

Evergreen all year long!

If you want consistent greenery, this design is exactly what you're looking for, the white cobble gives great contrast so you can see the different characteristics in each planted item.

evergreen garden.jpeg

Whimsical Designs

Any idea is a good idea, so don't be afraid to try something new if you aren't thrilled with the condition your yard is in now.

dying grass to veneer garden.jpg

No project is too big for us!

Trucks, trailers and John Deere Skid Steers. No matter the size SHARP's team of experts and machines will get it done!

john deer.jpg

Welcome home!

As you enter you humble abode you will be greeted by a calm and inviting design that will surely excite you to come home and enjoy!

entry design.jpeg
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