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Welcome to your NEW Traditional Garden

What make a traditional design you ask?

Think of perfect trimmed boxwood hedges, low maintenance roses and bright POPS of color EVERYWHERE! This design is favored by many because it encourages outdoor enjoyment while capturing your landscapes full potential with flowers and shrubs that bloom all season long with simple attractions as a focal point like a bird bath. 

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after fabric.jpeg
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Traditional Plant Selection List:


Daylily, coneflower, phlox, delphinium, hyssop, thyme

Cutting Flowers:

Sunflower, daffodil, tulip, allium, peony, salvia, Black-eyed Susan, roses, spirea, yarrow, dahlia


Boxwood, lilac, hydrangea, feather reed grass, English roses, knockout roses, dogwood, hosta


Dwarf Alberta spruce, spartan junipers, flowering crabapple, spring snow crabapple, prairie fire crabapple. 

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