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Welcome to your NEW Butterfly & bird Garden

What make a Butterfly/hummingbird design?

Focusing on flowers with longer stems which are better for arranging bouquets and centerpieces. Include varieties that bloom at different times during the year, so you'll have lovely cut flowers year-round. For everyday pick-me-ups or elaborate arrangements for formal dinner parties. This theme also attracts pollinators like Butterflies, Hummingbirds, and bees. 

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Butterfly & Bird Plant Selection List:


Mums, iris, daylily, sunflowers, Black-eyed Susan, marigold, daffodil, yarrow, roses, blue bells, bleeding hearts, foxglove, coneflower, red valerian and penstemon

Fragrant plants & flowers:

Salvia, dianthus, geranium, honey suckle, hosta, hyssop, Mackie daphnie, lavender, bee balm and peony


BSage, catmint, butterfly bush, butterfly weed, oriental lily and lilac


Plum Mount Royal

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